Reasons to customize

Customizing components offers many advantages, whether it's for enhanced solutions, time-saving measures, or the necessity to replace obsolete parts. Yet, many customers underestimate these benefits, fearing that the costs may outweigh the advantages. However, with Multicomp Pro's customization and sourcing services, customers often discover that not only do they get the exact solution they need, but they also enjoy cost savings. Whether you're seeking hard-to-find or obsolete components, vital specs, even specific colors, Multicomp Pro ensures you get the solution you need at an exceptional price.

Common ways Multicomp Pro can help

  • Connectivity solutions
  • PCBA and design
  • Custom color connectors and cables
  • Obsolete components
  • Custom enclosures
  • Laser-cut foam with hard-shell cases
About us

Success stories


A customer who manufacturers professional audio equipment, eliminated their manual process, with custom laser-cut inserts, also resulting in a more secure hold and cleaner look for their high-end equipment.


A customer who develops high quality industrial machines Saved 71% over the well-known brand , by sourcing their product from Multicomp Pro.

Improved offering

A world leading training facility for Automotive OEM and Technical schools, was able to get their probe wires to the exact lengths and colors they desired, and all under target budget requirement.

The process

Step 1

Submit some details about what you’d like and the estimate quantity, both now and long-term. *Minimum quantities will vary by project.

Step 2

In 2-3 days, someone from our technical support team will reach out to go over your specs to better understand what you would like.

Step 3

Technical support will provide their proposal to you for consideration.

To start the process today, please provide some basic details below

About us

The history of Multicomp Pro is built on the success of a series of trusted brand names, including SPC Technology, Tenma, Duratool, Pro Elec, Pro Power, Pro Signal and of course, Multicomp. In 2019, Farnell launched Multicomp Pro to exceed the expectations of engineers and buyers with an even higher standard of quality and value for its products.

Today, Multicomp Pro offers over 75,000 products in their portfolio and continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of their customers. With an average product ratings of 4.6/5 stars, and typical savings of 30% compared to leading brands, Multicomp Pro truly is the Engineer’s Choice for Quality and Value.

Quality Starts at the Source

  • Product quality assurance

    Our products are lab-tested to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and comply with safety standards. Nearly 1,000 product checks each month to ensure quality criteria is met before they are shipped.

  • Customer-centric quality management

    We prioritize customer satisfaction by promptly addressing quality issues and technical questions.

  • Rigorous supplier evaluation

    Our products are sourced from suppliers who undergo comprehensive surveys and factory audits to ensure they meet the industry quality standards.

  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing

    We prioritize ethical practices and sustainability in our supply chain through regular CSR factory audits and surveys.

Why engineers choose Multicomp Pro for quality & value

  • 4.6/5 star rating
  • 30% average savings compared to other leading brands
  • Used by Fortune Global 500 companies
  • 3-Year warranty on selected test and tools
  • 75,000 components, tools and precision equipment