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Most of our filters are based on capacitors, but we also have optical infrared filters, and SAW devices using piezoelectric substrates.

Because the impedance of capacitors varies with frequency, they can be used as AC filters – low pass, high pass, band pass, or band stop. A low pass filter, for example, can be used on a rectifier output to allow DC but block ripple current. High pass filters are found in audio amplifiers to remove unwanted sounds near the lower end of the audible range.

Below is a summary of the filter types we offer:

A Diplexer allows two different devices to share a common communications channel using frequency-domain multiplexing. The diplexer uses filters to separate signals based on frequency.

A Duplexer separates a transmit and receive path based on signal direction and can be used for same frequency signals

The Feedthrough Capacitor is a three-terminal capacitor that is used to reduce high frequencies. The feedthrough capacitor, unlike regular three-terminal capacitors, is directly installed on the metal panel, resulting in a lower grounding inductance and a negligible effect on the lead inductance.

T filters use two shunt inductors and a coupling capacitor. These single-stage filters can act as low pass, high pass, band pass, and band stop circuits.

Surface Acoustic Wave Filters or SAW Filters are compact, low-cost RF filters that can be used in a wide range of applications up to 3 GHz. SAW filters operate by converting electrical energy into acoustic or mechanical energy on a piezoelectric material.

Integrated Passive Filters comprise resistors, capacitors, inductors, coils/chokes, microstriplines, impedance matching elements, baluns – or any combination of these components – integrated into the same package or onto the same substrate.

With increasingly stringent wireless standards, RF filters play an important role in minimising interference. They are designed to operate at specific frequencies and allow/attenuator RF signals at different frequencies.