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We offer a vast selection of EMC/RFI suppression components suiting a wide variety of applications. Here is an introduction to the various types available.

Common Mode Chokes and Filters

A Common Mode Choke is an electrical filter that blocks high frequency noise common to two or more data or power lines, while allowing the desired DC or low-frequency signal to pass. Common mode (CM) noise current is typically radiated from sources such as unwanted radio signals, unshielded electronics, inverters and motors. Left unfiltered, this noise presents interference problems in electronics and electrical circuits.

EMI Noise Filters

These filters extract any unwanted current conducted through wiring or cables while allowing desirable currents to flow freely.


Ferrites are used to make magnets, for devices such as refrigerator magnets, loudspeakers, and small electric motors. Soft ferrites have low coercivity. They are used in the electronics industry to make ferrite cores for inductors and transformers, and in various microwave components.

A Ferrite Bead is a type of choke that suppresses high-frequency electronic noise in electronic circuits.

Ferrite Sleeves are typically used in computer monitors, data cables, medical devices and other electronic equipment and circuits.

Filtered IEC power entry modules

A Filtered Power Entry Module is a component that integrates the inlet of an appliance with other relevant components such as a switch, an EMI filter, fuse holder, circuit breaker, etc.

Low voltage suppression filters

These can be used as EMI/RFC suppression components in the signal lines of personal computers, microcomputers, and peripheral device applications.

Power line filters

A Power Line Filter is an EMI/RFI filter that is placed between the mains electricity input and internal circuitry of electronic equipment to attenuate conducted radio frequency interference (RFI), also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Shielding Gaskets and Material

EMI Gaskets—also referred to as shielding gaskets or RFI gaskets (when use for blocking radio frequency signals)—can be used as RFI suppression filters. These devices physically close gaps in equipment enclosures to seal in or seal out EMI produced by the equipment or surrounding environment, respectively.